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News, 2/15/2019

Finnish Ambassador visit to Gorkha district to monitor WASH reconstruction program

Gorkha is the most hard hit area during the 2015 earthquake, the epicenter (Barpak) falls on the Northern part of the district. With a lot of infrastructure damage, nearly 9000 death cases came forward. Humanitarian aid and International agencies generously approached for building back process. After the Post Disaster Needs Assessment report, Finland also pledged € 2 million during the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction. The support was channeled through UNICEF Nepal in 2016.

Ambassador Anttinen interacting with community people in Dhobikhola Water Scheme

The objective of Ambassador’s visit was to introduce the WASH reconstruction work and the results of the intervention. During the visit, he observed the reconstructed water supply schemes, interacted with Water Sanitation User Committees and other Community members, learned about the WASH situation in the school, in addition, Operation & Maintenance of schemes, Water Safety Plans, Sanitation Hygiene status, Waste Water utilization and not the least, Menstrual Hygiene Management. Sharing his views Ambassador mentioned that, the contribution by communities has been substantial and one tap per household installations may boost the ownership and motivate maintenance. In conclusion, the reconstruction scheme has contributed to achieve SDG 6 at the village level.

Kitchen gardening usine waste water
Women plumber showing how to use the tools in Dhobikhola Water Scheme
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Updated 2/15/2019

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